Editor’s Choice: Understanding Anxiety, Compassion and Clinical Trials

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This week, author Tom Seaman asks: When it comes to anxiety, are you turning your Gizmo into a Gremlin? Also, in our new Compassion Corner series, we examine why taking that one extra step can be so important when it comes to health. And, finally, the FDA has granted orphan drug status to a new investigational treatment for biliary cancer.


Understanding Anxiety: Are You Turning Your Gizmo into a Gremlin?

“When I talk to people about anxiety, I often refer to it as a gremlin; more specifically, how many of us over-worry and become anxious for feeling anxious, and how we add more fear to fearful situations.”


Compassion Corner: It’s Not Just About Caring, It’s About Taking That Extra Step

The doctors did not appear to be concerned that Amanda had lost 35 pounds because she was unable to eat.


Devimistat for Biliary Cancer Granted Orphan Drug Status

Through this targeted treatment, devimistat works to make cancer cells more sensitive to chemotherapy.


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