DPX Delivery Platform Could Improve Care For Many Rare Cancers

IMV Inc. recently presented two posters at the AACR-NCI-EORTC Virtual International Conference on Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics showcasing their DPX delivery platform’s immunotherapeutic capabilities.

IMV Inc.

IMV Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company that focuses on improving the effectiveness and applicability of immunotherapies. Their primary aim is to improve the care of patients with rare or difficult to treat cancers.

Their delivery platform called DPX has allowed them to pioneer a novel group of immunotherapies for cancer. The hope is that immune activation will be just as durable, but side effects will be limited.

IMV Inc.’s current lead immunotherapy candidate is called maveropepimut-S. Maveropepimut-S is a T cell-activating therapy. The company is currently studying whether this therapy will be efficacious for advanced ovarian cancer and breast cancer. Additionally, they are studying it as a combination therapy for Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL).

Another one of their candidates is called DPX-SurMAGE. It is being studied as a therapy for bladder cancer as a dual-targeted treatment.


The first poster was presented by Yogesh Bramhecha from Translational Research. This poster demonstrated that the DPX technology is able to generate a peptide specific immune response that is based on T cells. Most importantly, it showed that this immune response was more robust than typical formulations that are water-based.

The second poster was presented by Yves Fradet from the Université Laval. This poster showed that DPX-SurMAGe has a robust response in preclinical models and a positive safety profile. The team is particularly hopeful that this technology will aid in preventing the progression of bladder cancer. As such, this treatment could significantly improve patient’s quality of life. The full posters can be viewed on IMV’s website.

Together, both of these presentations show that the DPX technology is versatile and has immense potential for many rare cancers. Its ability to generate immune responses that are target specific is incredibly meaningful.

Some of the most notable findings include-

  • DPX technology is very versatile.
  • DPX technology has the ability to generate a very robust immune response that is T cell based.
  • DPX technology can generate immune responses which surpass those possible from conventional water-based emulsion delivery.
  • Maveropepimut-S is well tolerated, and has great clinical benefit. The response is specific and robust.
  • DPX technology can create immune responses to many different tumor antigens at the same time.
  • DPX-SurMAGE is able to generate a response against MAGE-A9 peptides and survivin.
  • DPX-SurMAGE is well tolerated and robust.

You can read more about this platform and the poster presentations here.

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