Dimebag Darrell Guitar for Man with Williams Sydrome

2021 was a hectic, record-breaking, and all around stressful year. Now that it’s 2022, I think it’s time to start the year with a positive story. According to an article from 94.5 FM’s The Buzz, an amazing gift was recently given to Fallon, a man living with Williams syndrome.

Fallon’s Story

Fallon has Williams syndrome, and because of it, he lives with a number of disabilities, such as mental deficiency. One of his favorite things in the world is music, so he used to spend a lot of time at a local music store called J.B. Hart Music. There was a guitar there, the signature Dimebag Darrell guitar, that Fallon loved to play.

Because he was in the store so often, someone special saw him playing the guitar and decided to perform a kind act. The stranger bought the guitar and instructed the staff to give it to Fallon the next time he came in.

Unfortunately, Fallon didn’t come in for a long time after that. Unbeknownst to the staff, he had moved from Colorado to Texas. After eight long months, he came back into the store while home to visit family for the holidays. It was then that he finally got his guitar.

You can read more about this heartwarming story and see Fallon with his guitar here.

About Williams Syndrome

Williams syndrome is a rare, genetic disorder characterized growth delays and mental deficiency. Other symptoms include ADD, anxiety, issues with visual-spacial tasks, dental problems, phobias, supravalvular aortic stenosis (SVAS), short stature, and characteristic facial features such as full cheeks and a broad forehead. Medical professionals suspect that a genetic mutation on chromosome 7 is the cause of this condition, and most cases are the result of a sporadic mutation. In terms of treatment, there is no cure; it is aimed at the symptoms present in each affected individual.

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