Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) World Awareness Day is April 21st!

April 21st is AML World Awareness Day! Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) is a rare cancer which affects people around the world. On awareness day, patients, caregivers, healthcare organizations, advocates, physicians, and researchers from across the globe come together to spread awareness of the condition and find community.

There are tons of ways to get involved! Many are quick, cost-effective, and easy. Choose what works for you! There’s no reason not to participate.

These suggestions are provided by Know AML.

How to Participate

Know AML has provided a variety of resources you can share on social media for AML World Awareness Day. For every post you share, be sure to use the hashtag #KnowAML.

One of the resources on this page is details of the Know Your Diet event discussed below. You can find expert interviews on this subject (posted on April 21st). Please share these interviews, and interact with them on the Know AML social media pages!

You’ll also find various social media graphics and an educational poster you can share.

If you don’t want to use social media, check out Know AML’s briefing guide for more ways to be involved.

Know Your Diet

Know AML is running an awareness campaign on April 21st called Know Your Diet. This campaign aims to provide education and support for patients struggling to know what they should eat to support their cancer journey.

Patients will be taught strategies for maintaining a healthy diet which can aide in their cancer recovery. Also discussed will be how AML can affect the gut and what can be done about it.

Different gut bacteria can change the body’s immune response and bacteria can change after different cancer treatments. Further, diversity of the gut bacteria is tied to risk of infection and overall survival rates. The more educated you are about these things, the better you can support your own health and be your own advocate.

Before this event Know AML asks patients to complete this survey to describe your current knowledge and understanding of the relationship between gut bacteria and AML.

You can read more about this awareness day and more ways you can get involved here.

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