Survey Demonstrates Need For New Options For Macular Edema Associated With Noninfectious Uveitis

The Bausch + Lomb Corporation has just released new findings from a survey of retina specialists. Their goal was to understand the need for some type of new treatment for individuals diagnosed with macular edema associated with noninfectious uveitis. Macular edema is the result of fluid building up within the macula. It causes distorted vision, retinal swelling, and other symptoms. If the condition is untreated, patients may face permanent loss of vision.

For people diagnosed with uveitis, the diagnosis of macular edema associated with noninfectious uveitis is the primary cause of vision loss.

The team also wanted to understand opinions on a novel drug delivery method where the therapy is delivered via the suprachoroidal space.


The survey was conducted by Modern Retina, and 70 retina specialists answered every question on the survey.

The Bausch + Lomb Corporation uncovered that 85% of all retina specialists do consider the new drug delivery method through the suprachoroidal space as a possibility for patients with the condition. 84% of the specialists said that they had a high interest in learning more about the drug delivery method. 9/10 retina specialists said there is a drastic need for new treatment options for this patient population.

These findings demonstrate the need for new treatment options for patients with macular edema and the potential of suprachoroidal treatment delivery, such as through XIPERE.

You can read more about this survey, its findings, and the current needs of macular edema patients here.

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