Clinical Trial of Immunotherapy for Basal Cell Carcinoma Shows Promise

According to a press release from Verrica Pharmaceuticals and its partner Lytix Pharmaceutical via Healio, results of Part 1 of the phase 2 study of their investigational therapy candidate VP 315 to treat basal cell carcinoma (BCC) confirm lesion clearance in six patients. The findings were first announced at the August 2023 meeting of the AADI Academy in Tampa Florida.

Four out of the six patients had complete clearance while one of the remaining patients had a 95% tumor clearance. The sixth patient had a 30% tumor clearance.

About the Study

Patients received one 8 mg dose of VP 315 each day. The vaccine was delivered into the tumors which were assessed and then surgically removed (excised) on the 49th day.

An evaluation found that there was a consistent clearance of lesions associated with basal cell carcinoma 49 days post-treatment.

What Causes Basal Cell Carcinoma?

The onset of the disease begins with the skin’s basal cells developing a mutation in a person’s DNA.

It is a simple process whereby basal cells produce skin cells and move the old cells to the skin’s surface where they die.

It will often seem like a slightly transparent bump and is found in areas that are mostly exposed to the sun. Needless to say, healthcare professionals are making a constant effort to promote the use of sunscreen.

Oystein Rekdal Lytix CEO expressed her confidence in VP 315 and its ability to bring about tumor clearance at the higher levels. Dr. Rekdal and associates expect to see Part 2 of Verrica’s Phase 2 study results in early 2024.

Rose Duesterwald

Rose Duesterwald

Rose became acquainted with Patient Worthy after her husband was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) six years ago. During this period of partial remission, Rose researched investigational drugs to be prepared in the event of a relapse. Her husband died February 12, 2021 with a rare and unexplained occurrence of liver cancer possibly unrelated to AML.

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