Red Fred Project

The Red Fred Project finds children living in extraordinary circumstances (rare diseases, critical illnesses, life-limiting situations) and asks them the question: If you could write a book for the entire world to read, what would it be about? The stories they share are filled with humor, compassion and wisdom. The books they create together become a vehicle for these stories. They become a lasting voice, a tangible achievement for each child. As part of the proceeds from each book sold go to the family, or to a related cause chosen by the child, the books are also a way to help with financial difficulties.

Condition Awareness & Advocacy

Here is a list of conditions this partner raises awareness and advocacy for: 

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Patient Worthy Posts on Rare Disease

Free MDS Forum in TN!

Our partner organization, The MDS Foundation, Inc., is sponsoring another free myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) Patient & Family/Caregiver Forum in Nashville, Tennessee. When: Thurs., September 19,

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