Doctor Said Crazy, Her Willpower Knew Better

Meet the Attwood family. Out of the 8 family members present, 4 of them are living with Hereditary Angioedema.


The heart of the family is led by a strong women by the name of Tracey. Tracey received her initial HAE diagnosis over 10 years ago.

HAE Patient Tracey

If the daily living with HAE wasn’t hard enough, Tracey and her partner John manage a local pub for roughly 16 hours a day 7 days a week. The average American worker has 9 hour work days, most not having to battle HAE attacks during them.


When Tracey was originally diagnosed, her initial doctor thought she was just being neurotic. Thankfully, there are amazing doctors like Dr. Eren who has been a tremendous encouragement and help to Tracey when other doctors thought she was crazy.


Unfortunately, Tracey isn’t the only one battling HAE in her family. Meet her son Jamie who was diagnosed around 18 years old.


Her brother David (on the right) and her nephew, David’s son, Chris (on the left)


Despite the cards her family has been dealt, Tracey looks forward to the future with her family and her grandson Ronnie. She thanks the rise in HAE awareness and treatment options for her optimistic attitude for all patients living with the disease.


Become inspired by watching Tracey’s full story.

All photos were taken from the full length video sponsored by Shire.



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