“Have it your way” – your CVID treatment

Just because Burger King ditched “have it your way” as a slogan doesn’t mean you have to!

Once diagnosed, living with Common Variable Immunodeficiency (CVID) requires lifetime infusion treatment. The pillar of treatment for CVID is Ig replacement therapy which is administered intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIg) or subcutaneous immunoglobulin (SCIg).

Have it your wayDosage varies from person to person and is dependent on multiple factors. Depending on your body build and frame, the “typical” sites for infusion or injection may not be right for you.  Talk to your nurse about:

  • different site locations
  • tubing
  • needle sizes

Ask about tips and tricks too!  Staying hydrated can help for a smooth infusion and recovery period. Discuss your options, ask around and decide which works best for you.  It will take some trial and error, but your safety and comfort are most important.

IVIG FDA Approved 2015 (1)



Click here for a list of commonly used  IVIG drug products:

Intravenous infusion is highly concentrated and therefore inserted via needle into a vein, and administration is usually required monthly.


SCIG FDA Approved 2015



Click here for a list of commonly used SCIG drug Products: 

Subcutaneous infusion is slowly released under the skin via needle and administration is usually required weekly, often more.




Ahh I am experiencing some leakage… I notice the bruising is worse when… Ugh the swelling…. Yikes the bleeding…  Don’t be afraid to be descriptive about your treatment experiences and ask questions.  At home treatment can also be an option.  Check out this Sub Q at home treatment video.


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