5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Sex Life Living with AS

It’s easy for 20 some year-olds blessed with perfect bodies to easily apply all the insane and cirque du soleil-esque sex positions Cosmopolitan bombards you with in the grocery line.  Yeah swinging from a chandelier with a cowboy hat on may be cool for some, but if you are battling a spine condition like ankylosing spondylitis you may want something a bit more down to earth.

Check out these 5 exercises and activities Everyday Health suggests that can help your flexibility during sex without the need of folding your partner or spouses’ body like a pretzel.

1. Upper Spine Stretch

Source: Thefitindian

The key here is to apply light pressure to allow a good stretch of the neck and spine. This may not prepare you for the bull-ride antics of cosmo, but it can help improve discomfort.

2. Side-to-Side Stretch

AS Side-to-Side Stretch
Source: Experiencephysio

When doing this stretch, it may benefit you to place the opposite hand you are leaning from behind your head for added support. No the chair is simply there for support, at least for now….

3. Trunk Extension

AS Trunk Extension Stretch
Source: Popsugar

Trunk extensions are great for lower back flexibility. Just keep in mind, don’t strain yourself!

4. Upper Back Raise

Some man planking
Not this! Source:Telegraph.co
AS Back extension stretch
This. Source: Goodbackguide

This stretch will start working those abdominals, which so happen to be a very important muscle in the bedroom. If you need added support, try using your hands and elbows to help achieve the best stretch.

5. Deep Breathing

Female wrestlers breathing
Source: Gifsec

AS can affect your ability to catch your breath due to the lack of spinal flexibility. Taking the time to practice some breathing techniques can prepare you not to run out of steam.

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