Grad School, Work, Service, AND Chronic Illnesses? You Bet

Source: ShAMANDAgans
Source: ShAMANDAgans

  Meet Amanda! Amanda’s vlog (video blog), ShAMANDAgans, helps her keep in touch with friends and family and share her story. She’s an ambitious and cheerful graduate student; going to school full time, working part time and volunteering at her church. That’s a handful in itself but she’s also juggling several chronic and rare (CVID and IIH) diseases. Her vlog illustrates all of these aspects of her life and how she takes such a daunting schedule in stride. Take a look at her introductory video here.

With an easy smile, personable tone and quirky humor, Amanda describes her journey with complications from her illnesses as well as everyday struggles, including everything from Hebrew homework to dropping  linguine that she had made on the floor.

In the video below she explains immunodeficiency and  various treatments for  CVID. 

Source: ShAMANDAgans
Source: ShAMANDAgans

Her videos provide genuine, lighthearted recounts of  her life and matter of fact explanations of her illnesses. Amanda’s vlog is incredibly positive; even when she’s discussing dealing with multiple symptomatic illnesses at once.  Her channel, both educational and relatable, holds the potential to be a resource for other patients living with CVID or other chronic illnesses.

She even posted a video to show how she administers her infusion treatment. She states in her videos that she used to do IVIG treatment but due to complications she now uses a different method. She clarified that no treatment is a cure for CVID right now, but she calls the improvement that it does provide a blessing.

Check her channel  to keep up with Amanda’s videos as she plans a trip overseas and attends the Immune Deficiency Foundation conference in New Orleans. Prepare to be informed and entertained! Thanks for sharing your story Amanda!

Featured Image source: ShAMANDAgans

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