A Case of “Big Brother” Being Good for HAE Sufferers

Suffering From HAE?! Biofeedback Reporting May Save Your Life!

There’s a lot of buzz on BioRx, a national specialty pharmaceutical company, based in Cincinnati, Ohio. It’s established a successful Biofeedback Outcomes Reporting Program for people living with Hereditary Angioedema, (HAE). This program allows patients to keep their doctors informed on their overall health and how they’re responding to their prescribed HAE treatment plan.

“The Biofeedback program for HAE is the first such program in the industry,” said Eric Hill, co-founder of BioRx.

He believes that doctors who are prescribing HAE therapies will be able to analyze how treatments for HAE are impacting their patients. BioRx believes it will benefit patients’ health and their quality of life.

Serpin peptidase inhibitor, clade G (C1 inhibitor), member 1
Serpin peptidase inhibitor, clade G (C1 inhibitor), member 1

Although HAE is a rare, potentially fatal genetic condition affecting 11,000 patients in the United States, it can be managed. It causes painful episodes of swelling (edema) in any part of the body such as: hands, arms, legs, feet, the face, as well as airway passages. This rare condition affects people differently, and people suffering from HAE tend to have a low level or a decreased function of a protein in their blood called C1 esterase inhibitor. And for patients and their loved ones, edema attacks can occur without notice or warning; the frequency and intensity of these attacks can vary over time.

Since 2009, BioRx has provided a wealth of assistance to patients whether it’s for medications and or for in-home nursing support when they need HAE infusions or injectable HAE injections.  As a result of patient assistance training, most HAE patients are able to give themselves their prescribed HAE treatments at home or when traveling on a preventative basis, or as needed for emergencies.

Indeed, Mr. Hill believes that HAE is an unpredictable, lifelong disease that, “has no cure and so it’s often best managed by the patient at home. That means that prescribing physicians can be left wondering how their patients are doing.”

Breakthrough Science and Technology Saving Lives of HAE Patients

To remove the guesswork and uncertainty of treating and monitoring HAE patients, BioFeedback reports allow prescribing physicians the ability to assess their patients’ treatment plans. The reports will help determine if the prescribed treatment is effective for patients and whether adjustments will be needed. With this breakthrough technology, the BioFeedback program, BioRx, will generate numerous reports for doctors that will pinpoint how their patients are responding to treatment. It will also show how much medication each patient is using, as well as the number of HAE attacks they’re experiencing, emergency room visits, hospitalizations, and general quality of life. With this breakthrough technology, data is gathered on a routine basis through phone chats and quality of life surveys.

In order to develop the HAE BioFeedback program, BioRx consulted with specialists and key opinion leaders in the field of HAE. Presently, BioRx is continuing to expand and improve their efforts to improve the lives of patients who are suffering from the debilitating effects of HAE.

To learn more about this program, call 866.44.BIORX (866.442.4679), email [email protected], or visit www.haefreedom.com.

Source: BioRx Adds Hereditary Angioedema to its BioFeedback Outcomes Reporting Program

Important News That Matters, CINCINNATI, Ohio (June 11, 2014)

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