5 “Patient Worthy” Instagram Users to check out #CVID

Living with CVID? Learning to manage?

PatientWorthy is looking for you on Instagram if you are living with Common Variable Immunodeficiency Disease, CVID.  #PatientWorthy to share your photos with us!

And comment below with your username! 

Here are our 5 favorite “PatientWorthy”featured Instagram Users:

All living with CVID, these folks are spreading awareness and sharing information, encouraging others, and inspiring all to hashtag through life’s good times and tough times alike.  Make some new friends and start a conversation!



Roser Tachó Piñot

“Biomedicine student. Manresa (CAT). Music, tv and landscapes ~♡~ @cvid_ twitter.com/Roser_TP

Tag your #CVID pictures with cvid_ to be featured on her CVID page!




Alison Rose

“Here mostly for the spoonies. Fibromyalgia, common variable immunodeficiency (CVID), migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome & so much more. Dallas TX!” 




Abby/CVID Patient

“I’m here to help/encourage other patients that they aren’t alone and teach them about immunodeficiencies. ❤️❤️❤️Comment a Heart when u Follow❤️❤️❤️”





Emma’s living with CVID, posts all of her posh finger nail designs and loves animals!





Macy Doverspike

“Having multiple rare chronic illnesses has taught me there’s always a reason to smile (: my pets,husband, food, books, Netflix & art are a few of mine”



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