How to Face Muckle-Wells and Look Sexy Doing It

Muckle-Wells Syndrome (MWS)

It’s rare. It’s real. It’s ready to cause undue inflammation throughout one’s whole body with symptoms such as fever, arthritis, and malaise.

This genetic disease posed a challenge to the quality of life for  Jessica Heagy: a wonderful mom, a caregiver to an uncle,  a successful career-woman, and the owner of a very fit body.

Jessica showing off her no nonsense body for her personal blog.
Jessica showing off her no nonsense body for her personal blog.

But instead of succumbing to MWS, Jessica made the following choices to overcome MWS:

The Choice to Research


Jessica educated herself about MWS and learned about a case study with the National Institute of Health (NIH):

As expressed in her self-named blog, Jessica voices, “I learned that there was a treatment option that was being used by the 30 or so MWS patients from around the world that was suppressing many of the symptoms I deal with each day. I went to Washington DC and was accepted into the trial.”

Unfortunately, this treatment option did not work for her. So she made another choice:

The Choice to Regroup



Instead of giving up and fretting over what was not available, Jessica took inventory of what she could control and influence: meals, rest, exercise, and anything of which she could take ownership. And boy did her efforts pay off.

“My life was slowly improving. My body was fit and stronger. My mind was more determined than ever, my esteem getting stronger. I am learning to own this disease and become a fighter, not letting it own me” Jessica reflects in her blog.

The Choice to Reinvent

In overcoming MWS and other challenges, Jessica took advantage of her new-found improvement and started No Nonsense, Fitness Training, a program complete with workouts and resources on the web such as videos and social interaction. Jessica’s story shows all of us how making the right choices can help others have a chance at fighting and overcoming their own challenges:

Jessica’s videos range from High-Intensity Training (HIT) to easy exercises you can do at home.

“5 years ago I would be throwing in the towel; 5 years ago I would be paralyzed with fear. NOT NOW, NOT TODAY. I am educated about my disease. I have learned to manage my life, set an example for my daughter and inspire other woman. I am a strong woman now. I made the choice to change my life. I CHOOSE to succeed, I CHOOSE to get back up if I get knocked down.  I CHOOSE to own this disease.”

Jessica is a perfect example, out of many others, of how someone can take the lemons life gives you and make the sweetest of lemonades.

Share Jessica’s stories with others who may be dealing with the difficulties of MWS. And get a good workout while you are at it!

The cover photo is taken from Jessica’s personal blog. Check it out!

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