What This Grandfather Does for His Grandson Makes Us All Jealous

Now in its fifth year, a team of highly motivated cyclists from Sandpoint has once again pedaled some 3,000 arduous miles across the United States, participating in the annual Race Across America (RAAM). However, this year’s race was extremely personal for 70-year-old Sandpoint native, Dave Sturgis. He joined Team Laughing Dog as they trekked their way—nonstop from Oceanside, California to Annapolis, Maryland.

But Sturgis’ ride was a bit different – he rode for someone very dear to him.

Sturgis is the loving grandfather of 8-year-old Henry Sturgis, who was diagnosed with Cystinosis, a rare genetic disorder that affects approximately 1 in 100,000 to 200,000 newborns worldwide. More than six years ago, Dave passionately vowed to do everything he could to help his grandson. Since then, Dave has served as a crew member on two RAAM events which motivated him to keep his promise to raising awareness about Cystinosis for his grandson. Feeling inspired, he decided to ride for the first time. “That kept coming back to me; I made that promise. It made sense to take on the event.”

Cystonisis grandson and his grandfather pose with bike
Dave poses with his grandson in preparation for the big race. Photo Credit: Jason Duchow Photography. Source:BonnerCountyDailyBee

But Dave had lots of company on this infamous trek across the country. He was joined by Arlene Cook, Kirk Johnson, and California resident Bob Robinson, 71—all from Team Laughing Dog, who ride on behalf of 24 Hours for Hank, which is an organization that’s devoted to finding a cure for Cystinosis.

Join us as we cheer Dave on for years to come as he makes it his mission to save his grandson and many others with this rare condition.

Check out their team page to learn what Dave and his crew is up to and race highlights.

Share this article and visit Hank’s donation page to help raise awareness for cystinosis and donate to save Daves’s grandson.

To learn more about the disease, and connect with others, visit the following sites:






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