This Bee Inspired Secret Weapon Will Make You Kiss Your Doc

How much do you hate having to watch your common variable immune deficiency (CVID) child infuse? It’s heart wrenching, not to mention, exhausting dealing with the push back from children who (understandably) don’t want to inject themselves every day. But what if we told you that there was something that could help, and it just happened to come in the form of a black and yellow-striped bee.

Meet Buzzy©.

Buzz the pain relief product
Here is the little ironic sting saver in the flesh. Source: buzzy4shots

Buzzy uses the concept of gate control by using frigid cold and rapid vibration to throw the pain signals off when a patient receives a shot. The psychology section of explains gate control, which is extremely fascinating, as the “gates” within the spinal cord which send intense or less intense pain signals to the brain.

The effects of Buzzy relieves the soreness in the patient’s muscle, as well as alleviates the burning caused by medications.

So what’s the buzz about Buzzy? These are 5 reasons to check into it:

1. The bee-shaped breakthrough is a reusable, personal pain device that provides natural pain relief to children who infuse

2. It was invented by a pediatrician and pain researcher, so it’s built to overwhelm the body’s pain nerves with cold and vibration. Buzz4shots compares the sensation to putting a burned finger under cool, running water—it controls the sharp pain from needles

3. More than 5,000 hospitals and clinics and more than 45,000 users have adopted Buzzy

4. Buzzy received the Georgia Bio Innovation Award in 2014

5. Buzzy helps protect children from a life-long needle phobia by introducing them to needles in a more pleasant and “friendly” way

Who knew bees would be the key to saving us from the sting…..cheesy but it works.

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