How To Absolutely Crush Your Next Fundraiser

What does roasted corn have to do with cystinosis?

If you’re scratching your head, don’t worry: At first, we were too.

But in Buffalo Grove, IL, an annual Corn Roast sponsored by Prairie House Tavern is synonymous with charity. This year’s Corn Roast, which will be held on Saturday August 29th from 2PM -10PM, will benefit Illinois Animal Rescue and the Cystinosis Research Network (CRN).

Cystinosis Research Network flyer
This will be the first time the Corn Roast will benefit the Cystinosis Research Network. Smart move considering who doesn’t want some free food. Source:


For $15, you get to support good causes, listen to some kick-ass brass, and for all you Master Chef fans, meet Derrick Peltz!

While this is the first time the Corn Roast will be benefiting CRN, it’s not the first time Prairie House Tavern has worked with them on a fundraiser.

A few winters ago, Prairie House Tavern partnered with the Greeley’s, a local family affected by cystinosis. During specific hours, if customers presented this letter to their server, 15% of their bill would be donated to Cystinosis Research Network.

Now, if the Greeley’s sound familiar, it’s because a few month’s ago, Jack, their son living with cystinosis, had an award dedicated in his honor. The community recognized his determination to not let cystinosis hold him back from participating in the sports he loves. After his legs started bowing, Jack volunteered to have his legs broken and reset for a chance to improve his mobility.

Now THAT’s dedication! No wonder his family is continually inspired to raise money for cystinosis research!

And that just goes to show you that the movers and shakers in rare diseases are just like you: ordinary people thrown into extraordinary circumstances.

So, if you’re interested in making a difference, the Cystinosis Research Network has a list of upcoming events. Even if you’re not in the Buffalo Grove, IL area, there’s still plenty of opportunities for you to get involved!

No fundraisers in your area? Consider starting one yourself! CRN has a ton of resources to help you out. As the Greeley’s, Prairie House Tavern, and the community of Buffalo Grove have shown, all you need is a group people with their hearts in the right place to do a world of good.

Pass this story along to your friendly Illini’s to inspire them to take the trip. Or for those outside of Illinois, who knows maybe they will come to your city next.

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