Would You Volunteer to Break Your Legs? This Kid Did!

You know those commercials, “What would you do for a Klondike bar?”

Think about that, but instead of getting ice cream you get to play baseball. What would you do?

Highschooler Jack Greeley VOLUNTEERED to have his legs broken. Holy cow, kid! And now he’s got an award named after him: The Jack Greeley Determination Award.

Cystonis patient, Jack Greeley, receives award
Standing under the plague in his honor, Jack Greeley shares hugs with his supporters. Source: Chicago Tribune

Greeley was born with cystinosis, a genetic condition that leads to the buildup of too many amino acids. It’s known to affect the kidneys and eyes, but can also lead to bowing of the legs. When Greeley was in eighth grade, his doctors recommended breaking his legs so they could be set at better angles and hopefully improve his mobility.

At that time, Greeley just happened to be entering his last season of eligibility with the Lincolnshire Sports Association baseball league. He’d grown up also playing baseball, basketball and soccer, but had to give up the other sports in the years prior.

So…break the legs, improve the long-term outlook, but possibly give up something you love? Or skip the procedure and live for the now? What would you do?

We know what Jack Greeley did. Two months after his surgery, he was back on the diamond.

And now he’s got an award named after him.

Way to go, kid!

Read on to see the full story of Jack’s remarkable story reported by the Chicago Tribune.


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