¿¡Qué!? ¿Patient Worthy is Introducing Posts en Español?

We have some great news!

Patient Worthy is learning to speak Spanish!

I mean 37 million people in America do, so it’s time for us to as well.

Will Ferrell,
Well guess what, now we do :). Source: Giphy

The heart of Patient Worthy is the hundreds of thousands of brave people fighting their chronic illnesses day-in and day-out. In order to share these remarkable stories to even more people, we will be introducing articles completely in Spanish!

In the upcoming days, be on the look out for our translated page that will feature some of our most helpful articles in a Spanish-speaking friendly format.

One article we are excited to share in Spanish is the incredible story of our favorite model living with ankylosing spondylitis, “Move Over Barbie. This is the Model Little Girls Should Idolize” or should I say, “Hazte a un lado Barbie, esta es la modelo que las niñas deberían de idolatrar”.

See how awesome that is!

Please share this great news with anyone you know that speaks Spanish and is dealing with a rare disease in their life, one way or another. Heck just share this with anyone who speaks Spanish, these stories can inspire anyone from any walk of life!

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