It’s Dystonia Awareness Month, So Grab a Bike Like This Dude

When Dystonia has got you down, just ride on.

The UK site, DorsetEcho, reports that’s Andrew Beale’s approach. Beale will cycle 33 miles through the streets of the United Kingdom in support of the Dystonia Society, an organization that raises awareness for the incurable condition.

We have been covering some other Tour de Dystonia journeys, check out this woman who will crush a triathlon to raise awareness.

Dystonia often leads to involuntary muscle contractions which may worsen with voluntary activity, and the Dystonia Society aims to provide “practical and emotional” support through outbound initiatives and patient and caregiver resources.

According to its website, the Dystonia Society was “established to promote the welfare of people who are affected by any form of the neurological movement disorder known as dystonia.”

Beale is taking that mission and making it personal.

Andy's dystonia just giving page
If you would like to donate to Andrew’s journey to raise awareness for dystonia on his bike, drop a donation off at his Just Giving page!

Beale’s journey begins September 6 and will raise key donations to spread the word about dystonia. Though he’s not a dystonia patient himself, his research and involvement lets him know that it must be unimaginable to live with. Thus, he will make the most of his ride.

Beale explains that dystonia is no different than anything that threatens the life of a loved one, “dystonia becomes more personal when you discover a friend you know with that condition.”

We are behind you 100% Andrew.

Share Andrew’s epic bike ride to encourage everyone to pedal, even if just mentally, for dystonia awareness.

James Stone

James Stone

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