All Dystonia Patients Win When This Country’s Civil War Ends

Imagine you live in New York City and a procedure that could save your life could only be conducted in Los Angeles. Well rationally you would just take a plane trip right over to the west cost and get your treatment. Until the government tells you that’s a no-no, and sends you to Mexico.

If you live in Scotland, and have either Parkinson’s disease or dystonia, this is exactly what you will deal with looking for a  Deep Brain Stimulation, or DBS.

BBC reports that those living in the eastern part of Scotland are treated in England, while all others are treated in Scotland. Right now, a discussion of creating a Scotland-wide service at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow is underway.

Although England and Scotland border one another, Scottish dystonia citizens are yearning for deep brain stimulation to be open to the entire population in their country.Source: Wikipedia

It was determined that those who traveled to England for treatment struggled with getting the appropriate aftercare because of travel logistics and financial concerns. The hurdles of living with dystonia can already be just high enough to cause a few stumbles, with these additional difficulties families are bound to fall left and right.

DBS is many times a last resort for dystonia patients who live with shaky hands. The treatment provides electrical stimulation that helps quiet the misfiring nerves. One of the challenges in establishing a unified service is the shortage of qualified neurosurgeons. A decision about the viability of such a program will be made within the next few months.

We are hopeful that the Scottish government will get its act together and make a change as soon as possible!

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