Here’s Why People With Dystonia Are Basically Twilight Vampires

We know that overexposure to the sun cause a serious burn-peel situation, but did you know that the sun can be especially risky for those with a predisposition to developing dystonia?

Right? Who knew.

Even though dystonia is a rare disease, it’s still the third most common movement disorder.

Dystonia symptoms vary vastly from person-to-person—from writer’s cramp to spontaneous movements of the neck to involuntary eye closure. These funky movements are a result of abnormal signaling in the depths of the brain, which causes over-activity in the muscles.

In many cases of dystonia, people experience uncomfortable neck spasms, but the findings from a recent study says that patients living closer to the equator are more likely to suffer from eyelid spasms, rather than neck spasms.

According to an article from Medical Xpress, which explains the study, sunlight is more likely to cause dystonia-symptom, blepharospasm.

And for such a big word, it has an awfully simple meaning:

Blepharo-” means “eyelid” and “-spasm” means “uncontrolled muscle contraction.” Put them together and you’ve got “blepharospasm,” or the uncontrolled and involuntary closure of the eyelids.

The team of researchers was able to identify sunlight as a key driver in the progression of blepharospasm, so equator-dwelling folk are especially susceptible if they’re already predisposed to the disease.

Granted, there are treatment options, but no cure. The study is a fair warning to take sun exposure seriously, especially if you’ve experienced any symptoms of dystonia. Plus, it’s a reminder to stay aware of the implications that certain environmental factors can have on your health. How ‘bout that.

So if you are living with dystonia symptoms, take a note from Twilight, and avoid sunlight like the plague! Ok not really, just be careful that’s all we ask.

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