Finding Solutions in the Most Unlikely Places, Here’s What You Do

What do you do when you can’t get the care you need?

If it’s an insurance issue holding you up, then you’ll probably end up spending countless hours on the phone.

If it’s lack of attention from your HCP, you might consider looking for a new doctor.

But what if what you need is some sort of physical therapy or rehabilitation and there are no centers in your area that specialize in your condition?

Leader Community Newspaper reports one Australian family chose to pack up everything and move closer to a specialty center…even though that center specializes in cerebral palsy. Did we mention their son lives with dystonia?

“We wouldn’t be able to get the help we get at CPEC anywhere else in Australia,” said Caddie Whitehead, mother to Xabian, who lives with dystonia.

A quick perusal of the Cerebral Palsy Education Centre’s website gives some indication why. Their work starts with early intervention and continues on through extended education services. Therapy sessions consist of both group and individual work, both at the CPEC facility and in children’s homes and schools. And their transdisciplinary teams consist of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and speech pathologists.

They also offer conductive education–designed to help children with motor disorders. And that seems to be what’s been so beneficial for Xabian Whitehead. With the center’s help, the young boy is opening his hands and crawling on his own. He participates in arts and crafts sessions, which allow him to practice his motor skills and have fun at the same time.

The point is, if you need some sort of specialty care and there’s not a center in your area, it’s possible that another center, perhaps specializing in unrelated conditions, can help. So don’t give up hope, and keep searching.


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