Big Arms, A Chronic Disease… Ladies, What More Could You Want?

When you’re diagnosed with ankylosing spondyliltis (AS), the last thing you want to do is work out. Unless, of course, you’re Nate Lewnes.

College senior, Nate, may no longer be able to lift weights like he used to, but that doesn’t mean he’s quit. No way! In fact, Nate holds the top spot in his weight room for heaviest bench press this fall, maxing 330 pounds. As if! Please! Anyone can do that… (No. No they can’t.)

Lacrosse Magazine tells us that there are certain lifts Nate can no longer perform, most of which work the lower body. But Nate understands that for everything he’s lost, he can make up for somewhere else. Like with those arms…dayum! Lady Kehveen approves. Lady Kehveen need not speak in third person ever again. Yikes.

To those diagnosed with a chronic disease like AS, Nate encourages you not to dwell or complain about what you can’t do anymore.

Instead, do what you can to compensate for what you’ve lost. For those passionate about lifting weights and staying fit, try working a different part of your body. Click here for details on Nate’s workout routine. For those former mountain-climbers stuck in a wheelchair, take up photography! Write a book! The point is… there’s always something else you can do.

Lady Kehveen Abernathy

Lady Kehveen Abernathy

Lady Kehveen Abernathy, of noble birth (or so she’d like to believe), is what many would call a youthful “old soul.” As a self-proclaimed “caregiver to the world,” impassioned about life, triumph, and all things beauty, Lady Kehveen strives to love others, seek understanding, and most importantly, spread awareness. But don’t let her sweet demeanor deceive you. Dressed to the nines over corset and petticoat, she’s made it her mission to defend the innocent and fight all things evil on this Earth. And being no stranger to chronic disease, she knows exactly where to start.

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