Editor’s Choice Weekend Roundup: It’s Thanksgiving Week!

Happy Day-After-Thanksgiving PatientWorthians! Around this time of year, we like to emphasize the amazing gratitude in the chronic disease world.

Living with a chronic illness is often a serious bummer, to say the least. But there are still places, things and people to be thankful for during these tough times.

This week, we are highlighting how to be grateful with a chronic illness, what Patient Worthy Contributors are thankful for and of course, a recipe or two to get you through!

So rest off the Thanksgiving feast from yesterday, and have fun reading another week of Editor’s Choice posts!

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5 Ways to be Grateful When…

You Are Chronically Ill-Equipped. Sometimes being aware of your own gratitude can help lift your spirits during the holiday season.

Check out these five ways to be thankful, even if the bar seems a little low!

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What Are You Thankful For?

PW Contributor Lisa Douthit does it again! We were fortunate enough to hear from her this week on what she is most grateful for.

Take the poll to see how you align with her top 10 items on the gratitude list!

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How to Protect Your Stomach This Thanksgiving

Check out this secret “elixir” that might hold some belly benefits for you this holiday season. Though it is not vegan-friendly, it certainly has it’s health benefits, including lining the gut.

Doesn’t your gut need a little healing after yesterday’s holiday?

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Low Starch Roasted Fall Veggies: A Side Dish for Thanksgiving

Strict diet this fall season? Check out this recipe from one of our PW Contributors Andrea, whose diet has helped her manage her inflammatory condition.

It’s not just a side dish for Thanksgiving, it’s a side dish for the chronic disease life!


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