Meme Monday: Our 5 Favorite Holiday Memes to Start the Season

The family has left town. The leftovers are dwindling. And yes, carols have once again dominated the airways. All that means is….

Thanksgiving was awesome, but it’s Christmahanakwanzika time!

Christmas tree,

But before we move into this Holiday Season, we want to give a huge thank-you to all of our readers who shared what they are thankful for. All of you who participated, helped the Patient Worthy family see the encouraging and positive outlooks of the rare disease world.

So as we transition into this crazy time of year, this meme Monday is going to look a little different.

With December kicking off tomorrow, which also means the neighborhood battle for best lights will as well, we looked throughout the web to find 5 of our favorite Christmas memes to get this party started right!

1. For those who are not prepared for the non-stop Christmas songs

Grumpy cat saying silent night
Source: ShareMemes via

2. Some people should forget the iPad, do us all a favor, and put this #1 on the list

Santa facebook status funny quote

3. Is it ever too early to start putting up Christmas decorations? UM, YES!

Comic strip about early christmas deorations
Source: DrawBartDraw

4. Now kids, you got to be specific on that wishlist

frozen foods for christmas, not frozen toys
Source: Cheezburger

5. It wouldn’t be Patient Worthy without a little politically correct humor 🙂

top 10 politically correct christmas meme songs

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