Patient Worthy Wins Pharma Choice Award

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Pharma Choice Gold Winner

Henderson, NV, January 14, 2016 – The life science trade publication PM360 today announced that Patient Worthy™ won Gold in the category “Consumer Website” at the annual Pharma Choice Awards. Patient Worthy’s win is the result of gaining the highest number of votes from biopharma industry voices. Patient Worthy is a new online media outlet focusing entirely on rare diseases. The award win comes one month after the patient-centric web publication was named by the same magazine as one of the year’s most innovative startups in the pharmaceutical industry.

“The rare disease community is a population that historically has been underserved and under-reached,” said Kathy Devanny, Director of Advocacy Relations at Patient Worthy, “and we’ve set out to change this.” Industry observers had kept an eye on Patient Worthy ever since its launch in June 2015. It quickly became self-evident that the web outlet had hit a niche in the rare disease community, gaining an impressive social media presence.

“Otherness” as sign of respect

For the first six months, it had remained to be seen if industry decision-makers would start utilizing this unique, targeted website to access engaged patients and caregivers in the rare disease community. Especially Patient Worthy’s irreverent style may at first have raised some eyebrows. “We want to give those affected by rare and orphan diseases the content they’re looking for, even if this sometimes comes at the expense of pleasing everybody else,” explained Jenna Antos, Managing Director of Programs at Patient Worthy.

This strategy of “otherness” now appears to pay out. The double nod—being declared one of the year’s most notable startups and the many hundreds of votes from industry professionals in the Pharma Choice selection process—serves as a clear indicator: The life science industry is taking note of Patient Worthy and embracing it as an important vehicle to reach their constituents. “The need for patient centricity is now widely accepted,” says Antos, “and in this sense, being raw is really a sign of respect for our readers.”

While humor and light-hearted content is important, breaking medical news is still one of the web outlet’s cornerstones. Biopharma companies can use the favorable context for press releases and banner ads. They can also rely on Patient Worthy’s reach to conduct market surveys, clinical research, and marketing programs.


About Patient Worthy™

Patient Worthy believes rare disease patients are people, not a diagnosis. The rare and orphan disease news platform caters to the rare disease community with edgy, raw, and humorous content as well as with medical breaking news. It aims to become the online standard for finding, curating, sharing and publishing Rare Patient News. Well Done.™

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James Stone

James Stone

James grew up in Switzerland, in a little town on a little lake among the foothills of the Alps. His very English first name is owed to his Australian mother. During university, James worked as a freelance journalist covering local news in the little country's capital. Once he completed his studies in political science and media, James moved to Sydney where he joined a media monitoring company. He remained in the media monitoring industry even after his return to Switzerland. Eventually, love brought James to America, where he joined the Patient Worthy editorial team.

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