Meet a Huntington’s Advocate Fighting for Family

Meet an incredible advocate for Huntington’s disease.

Chasity Boatman grew up witnessing the tragic effects of this degenerative and fatal disease first hand and has now become a dedicated and passionate voice for patients everywhere.

Huntington’s is a genetic condition that caused both her great grandmother’s, grandmother’s and aunt’s death. Another Aunt is currently suffering from the disease and her father and two cousins have about a 50% chance of being effected by the deadly condition. Chasity is adopted and her escape from the grim sentence of a Huntington’s diagnosis has left her with a strong sense of purpose. She is eager to fight for loved ones and other patients, spreading awareness and raising money for the cause. The mission? To find a cure.

While there are medications that help patients to cope with the symptoms, none resolve the underlying issues caused by the mutated gene that only get worse overtime.

Her determination and support of her family and others provides hope and optimism that’s much needed in the face of such a devastating diagnosis.

She’s also created a Facebook page, encouraging others to share their stories. She’s creating a place for community and connection and the opportunity for other to learn about the realities of this disease.

Chasity discusses how the medical field has come a long way since her grandmother and aunt were diagnosed but it still has a long way to go for a better understanding of Huntington’s and how to cure it.


The disease is a physical and emotional burden to bear…not just for the patient but for their loved ones who slowly lose their family members. Chasity reflects on this as she recalls stories she’s heard about the vibrant life of her grandmother who she only had the chance to meet after Huntington’s had already begun to wreak it’s havoc.

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