Editor’s Choice: Pot, POTS and Virginia’s Awesome Lyme Legislation

Did you guys know Rare Disease Week is next week? Come participate with us!

This week however, we wanted to address some rare diseases of our own: Lyme and POTS. Though POTS is technically a syndrome, not a disease. And Lyme technically surpasses the “affects no more than 200,000 people at one time” standard.

What else? The ever-interesting medical marijuana debate and a Tyrosinemia story.

So enjoy another week of Editor’s Choice posts!




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Not a Cure for POTS, But At Least There’s Hope

POTS is currently, an incurable syndrome. As a POTS sufferer myself, I can attest that it is life-altering, causing immense physical and emotional stress.

PW Contributor Mari shares her experience dealing with POTS and seeking out relief from the syndrome through various coping mechanisms.

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Virginia fall scene

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Virginia Speerheading Lyme Disease Legislation

I have Lyme. I also live in Virginia. This amazing new Lyme legislation is opening doors for doctors and patients alike.

Let us know what YOUR state is doing to combat Lyme and the controversies surrounding it.

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Folks Rally Together in the Name of Marijuana

Medical marijuana is thought to be effective in combating nerve pain and other diseases associated with spasms and seizures. Anecdotal evidence is strong.

Some states have legalized the use of medical marijuana for these reasons. But others are still far behind. What other proof is needed to legalize it on a federal level?

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joshua sitting on a bench with his parents and sister

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How One Simple Test Saved This Boy’s Life

Screening newborns for Tyrosinemia should be standard practice.

Read how this little boy’s life was saved because this one little test was administered just in the nick of time.


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