#MondayMotivation- Simplicity: A Weapon Against Complex Rare Disease Questions

Sometimes we look at our problems as if they were wrapped in a web of unintelligible contradictions and absurdity and we take it upon ourselves to unravel that web of impossible questions with an approach that is just as complex.

But as the good old saying goes,


Everyone’s situation is different, and no one approach to a rare disease conundrum is ever the same as the next. But it’s not to say that those approaches should make our lives any more impossible than they already are. That’s why today’s Memes aim to provide simple motivation that will have a deep impact on how you look at your approach to managing your rare disease(s).

No matter how long your journey may be, the most important thing is to take the first step, the rest will come into place.



Staying positive is a key ingredient to successfully managing your rare disease.



Sometimes, our knee jerk reaction to tough situation is to seek an alternative route. But more often than not the best way to deal with a situation is to confront it head on. 



As simplistic as this may seem it’s true. Hope is the quintessential motivator and driver we all hold on to when confronted with life altering moments. 



It’s not enough to just learn all you can about your rare disease and it’s treatment options. You have to be ready to fight with all you got to put that knowledge to practice.



It’s as simple as knowing and accepting that in order to reach the much coveted greener pastures, you’re going to have to crawl through lots of BUL\$#!T to reach them. 



No matter how messed up you think your situation is, NEVER GIVE UP! there is ALWAYS something to fight for. Even if you think that your rare disease has gotten the best of you, shake it off and keep on fighting!



If you’re the type that researches your rare disease to the point of getting an honorary doctorate but find yourself disillusioned at the end of it, don’t be, your brain is capable of so much more than you know, keep on searching, keep on fighting.


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