How to Be the Ultimate Lyme Warrior

A lot of us fight Lyme the only ways that are available to us, be it antibiotics, homepathy or other alternative routes.

However, when a kid has chronic Lyme, he or she has little control over what protocol they follow and their diet. As parents, we do our best to obtain the right path for our kids, but to put it simply: it isn’t always fun.

Well now there is an opportunity to have a little fun with your kids, while raising awareness for chronic Lyme!

The newly launched organization Lyme Warrior is sponsoring a contest where kids can submit their designs for a potential logo to be featured on t-shirts and other collateral. Check out the video below for more details.

The design must be created by a kid, but it can be a painting, drawing or any other kind of art that your child sees fit! Submissions are being accepted through August 10th, so let us know what you end submitting by tweeting us @PatientWorthy.

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