The Fundamentals of Caring – A Netflix Original Featuring DMD

Netflix recently released an original dark comedy that features a young boy from the UK with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy whose caregiver (played by Paul Rudd) is new at his job and trying to adjust to the caregiving lifetsyle.

While this isn’t necessarily representative of everyone’s experience with DMD, it’s a heartwarming tale that I encourage you to watch, if even to feel inspired.

They start out in Ben’s (Paul Rudd) caregiving training with the acronym ALOHA, which stands for: Ask, Listen, Observe, Help, Ask Again. Eventually, he ends up at the young man’s house where his mother asks: “What do you know about DMD?” Where Ben character is decidedly silent.

She explains that her son Trevor is very tied to his routine, eating the same thing every day and taking the same pills at the same time, every day. Eventually the boy and his caregiver grow close and Ben asks, “If you were totally fine, what is the thing you would want to do the most?” Trevor responds in his endearing, sarcastic, humorous way, “I would probably pee standing up.”

There is a moment late in the movie where they meet a drifter while on a road trip, and she asks Trevor all of the uncomfortable questions that most of us think of asking, but probably don’t because life is not a movie. Regardless, the film is refreshingly honest about the difficulties and realities of chronic illness, especially at a young age.

Check out the trailer below and GOOD ON Netflix for bringing to light a little bit of rare disease life.

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