Make Your EDS Life Awesome With These Helpful Gadgets

How much do I love that there’s a Pinterest page called 1000+ Ideas About Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Products?!?

Way to go, EDS community for sharing info, ideas, and support!

I found the page while searching for information on assistive devices after this YouTube video piqued my interest about bracing products:

I’ve been trying to convince a friend of mine who has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) that investing in devices to make her life easier isn’t “giving in to EDS.” I mean, seriously, we buy things to make our lives easier ALL THE TIME (hullo, smartphones?!?).

Why is buying something to help with hypermobility, fragile skin, or any way EDS might manifest itself any different?

In a word: STIGMA.

We need to eliminate the stigma attached to helpful, necessary tools that may call attention to being different (teachers, are you listening?).

Here are some links to blogs and product sites related to assistive devices. From finger/ring splints to ergonomic computer mice (mouses?) to the braces shown in the video above—that might be helpful to you if you have EDS.

Let’s start with that FABULOUS Pinterest page!:



EmpatheticBadass is a young-at-heart writer from Ohio (Go, Bobcats & The Marching 110!)) who is passionate about being a voice for the patient perspective.

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