For People on the Verge of Supporting the Dystonia Cause

Superman, where are you now?

Look no further than Warren, Michigan.

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Not many people may know or have heard about dystonia.

It is a neurological movement disorder that complicates mobility and muscle control. Some patients suffering with dystonia may lead a sheltered life, dismiss friendships, and seek privacy.

But not Jay Dunn.

Jay Dunn of Warren, Michigan: a young man who has been suffering from this crippling genetic disorder since 1986 – an individual who emulates strength and courage – an avid supporter and activist in leading change.

Medications help control symptoms and provide Jay and others like him with temporary relief, but he seeks a long-term solution, a cure for his disease.

Read his heart-warming story here.

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If you’re like me, then you have the best intentions to help and support a cause – be a change agent and make a difference in the lives of others – and play an active role in social investment.

And then, it happens. Whatever or whoever takes precedence and priority to THIS event or THAT donation.

Or maybe we’re just not sure HOW to help or support a friend or family member with dystonia.

We over-complicate a simple process.

  1. Choose to Get Involved
  2. Find an Event
  3. Commit and Go

So, you may or may not get a free t-shirt. But, it really is that easy.

The only guarantee is that when you give of yourself to others in hopes of raising awareness to a disease like dystonia (a disease that does not have a high profile in comparison to others) you promote hope and let people like Jay Dunn know that you care.

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Follow the lead of Jay Dunn. Choose to Get Involved.

Zoo Walks to Raise Dystonia Awareness are offered in more than 10 major cities across the US.

Follow the simple process. Find an Event.

Options for events and other ways to help are posted on the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation.

Follow your heart to help. Commit and Go!

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