How To Change Dystonia The Botox Way

Botox may be the new fresh face headliner in the therapeutic industry.

Who knew?

We see and read conversations about Botox more commonly in top women’s magazines, the likes of Cosmopolitan, InStyle, Elle, People, and US Weekly – the ones with the super savvy articles on fashion, dating tips, and sex advice.

You already know the sassy and sometimes “salty” pitches:

It’s Award Season: Time for Oscar de la Renta, Marchesa, and Botox

Botox: “Love It” or “Hate It”

Break Up With Botox & Age Gracefully

One can only handle so many of these headlines. Source:

Although some are quick to be critical and judge Botox, swiping it as if it’s a dude or dud on Tinder, there’s hope – and this hope is the redirection of Botox and its treatment purposes toward people like Char Lacenski.

For Char, Botox is being used to ease the exhausting and sometimes debilitating effects of a neurological disorder called dystonia.

Click here to read Char’s full story and how Botox helps her.

There are a couple of key points that we can learn from Char’s Story:

  • You don’t deserve pain, and studies have shown that Botox injection treatments reduce the symptoms of cervical dystonia
  • It may take several tries to find the exact amount of Botox that you need
  • Give Botox a chance to work for you
  • The technique of your doctor will determine the effectiveness of the Botox

One hitch may be the cost for the treatments, but Botox’s manufacturer, Allergan, offers financial assistance programs to patients suffering from dystonia.

Visit the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation for more details on these programs.

As with any medical treatment suggestion, please check and/or talk with your doctor before you start.

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