What Do You Think, is This an Aplastic Anemia Miracle?

Miracles never cease to amaze me. And quite frankly, it’s been a long time since I’ve been convinced that one actually has happened—although in theory, I welcome miracles every day!

But after learning about a young woman diagnosed with moderate aplastic anemia, but never required treatment—not even one blood transfusion—and had a “spontaneous remission,” well, I’m baffled.

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I don’t know what to say… Source: www.giphy.com

As her story goes, she became zapped of all her energy and experienced acute bruising all over her body. She consulted with her doctor, who had a nurse call immediately after the blood work came back showing that she was severely anemic.

The young woman, incidentally, sounds like a lovely, kind person, whose career goal is to be a physician’s assistant. At the time of diagnosis, she was in her third year of college.

So I can only imagine how frightened she must’ve been after getting “the call.”

But, from what I gather, the young gal—a true heroine—takes matters into her own hands, consults with two of the BEST specialists in the country, including Dr. Neil Young of National Institutes of Health (another hero of mine), and gets great care.

These specialists monitored her aplastic anemia by “watching and waiting” to determine if she’d ever require treatment. But a few years later, she had a spontaneous remission and now her blood counts are normal. No bruises. She has stamina. She’s back to her old self.

Alisha Stone

Alisha Stone

Alisha Stone has a BA in psychology and is dedicated to improving the lives of others living with chronic illnesses.

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