Editor’s Choice: EDS Must-Know and Rare Disease Rants!

Happy Post-USA Election Day Friends!

TGIF Patient Worthians, am I right?! Hopefully this weekend is full of rest, relaxation and positivity! Maybe just avoid social media for a while and hang out with us, here, in this safe place.

This week, we have two EDS articles, one on the medical care for cystic fibrosis and sjogren’s info for men.

So sit back and enjoy this week’s Editor’s Choice!




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If You Have EDS, You Need to Know About This Before You See the Dentist

Do you like going to the dentist? If you have EDS then you REALLY won’t like it. It’s more painful than going to your Twitter or Facebook feeds right now… and that’s pretty bad.

Check out why here.

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Sjogren’s Spotlight: Simplistic Special and Superior Support for Men

Men with sjogren’s often get forgotten because it primarily affects women.

However, we have some good info for you guys here! Don’t worry, it’s political-neutral commentary.

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Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome: One Woman’s Rant is Unsurpassed

Sometimes it feels good just to GET OUT how you feel… whether it’s about politics or your rare disease!

Thankfully, this woman is standing up for her rare disease… and it’s a lot more interesting than what you are probably seeing on Facebook right now.

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Bottom Line: Clean Your Child’s Nebulizer. It’s Disgusting

Sometimes ya gotta clean up your act. Sometimes you gotta clean house. Other times… you gotta clean your nebulizer.

Either way, cleaning is probably a good thing. And hey… it’s also something to do to take your mind off everyone’s reactions to Tuesday’s results.

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