Why The Facial Pain Association is the Knight for TN

Are you a person living with trigeminal neuralgia (TN)?

Are you aware of the Facial Pain Association (FPA)?

Well, you should be. This organization is incredible!!

Focused on people with TN, this organization has been around for decades trying to get people the support they need. Not only are they devoted to raising awareness, but they are also there to help YOU.

Need proof? Source: www.giphy.com
Need proof? Source: www.giphy.com

They have multiple stories on their website of people who are living with TN, which cover everything from diagnosis to lifestyle.

If you ever feel like you are the only one going through the challenges of TN, these videos are a great way to lift your spirits and help you feel less alone.

The FPA also has an incredible blog where people from the community can share their thoughts and feelings. Instead of regurgitations of the same facts about TN, these blog posts actually cover issues people with TN deal with.

One of my favorite blog posts is called “Traveling with Facial Pain.” This post shares a ton of great suggestions for getting to your destination in the least amount of pain. With the holidays around the corner and all the headaches that come with them, less pain is always a good thing.

christmas ornaments decorate
Alllll the headaches. Source: www.giphy.com

Speaking of the holidays, if you’re looking to support a good cause, you can sign up to donate to the FPA. Set up a fundraiser and help people learn more about TN this holiday season. Raising awareness AND money for TN? Sounds like a win-win to me!

So what are you waiting for? Join the FPA today!

Farrah Fontaine

Farrah Fontaine

As a child, Farrah Fontaine always knew she wasn't normal. Part of her family descends from the ancient Silk Road, which made her stand out in the Great White North. That's why she wants to give voice to the voiceless so they know they're not alone.

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