On a Scale from One to Ten, a Poem

I wrote the following poem when I was completely broken due to chronic pain. It is unfathomable to so many doctors that someone in so much pain can sit there and not scream, cry, or beg for prescription drugs. I am allergic to most all pain meds, so what good would causing a scene be to anyone? I’ve been asked “How do you do it? How do you deal with so much pain? ” I simply answer ” What other choice do I have when my only choice is to be strong!”

You tell me I should rate my pain on a scale of 1-10
I think about the task at hand and just stare at my pen
I think about it long and hard; I give my answer… 10!!!
You ask me to be honest, and that this must be a lie.
Cause no one who walks in a 10 could just sit there and not cry.
I sit there and you ask again. ..
Rate your pain from 1-10!
Without much hesitation I simply answer 10….
You ask me what I take for pain. ..
I sit there and just grin.
I can not take any drugs, to numb the pain I’m in.
You treat me as a number, as if I have no name.
But if it were your loved one would you treat them the same?
You see, to you I’m just a dollar sign
So my pain won’t weigh heavy on your mind.
But what about my family?
My loved ones that do care.
What answers will you have for then when I’m no longer there?
The sadness and the tears they cry will surely be a 10!
So before you think you know it all, reevaluate YOURSELF again!!!!

ATT_1449524351454_IMG_20150928_142827 (2)About the Author: Mari is a mom living with multiple chronic illness, including POTS and Fibromyalgia. She’s passionate about spreading awareness of Dysautonomia and encouraging other patients in their journeys. Check out  and like her Facebook page Chronically Fallrisk and keep an eye out for her genuine, passionate articles here on Patient Worthy!

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