A CF Love Story That Will Make You Weep

The word Love. What does that mean to you?

Most people say: “Well holding hands, kissing, and spending lots of time together.”

Love is a strong word. I feel if you say, “I love you,” you better mean it.

Love and relationships are not always a bed of roses. Of course you have those difficult times, but you also create wonderful memories. To me, true love is when you stick by your partner’s side even in the hard times. Sometimes those hard times can be devastating.  A relationship has to be grounded deep in love and not in infatuation.

As I read this article about this lovely couple, I began to tear up. They met on common ground. Both were diagnosed with cystic fibrosis (CF) and both wanted to experience true love. They did not meet at a fancy restaurant in an evening gown and tux: they met at Dairy Queen. That is also the first place that they kissed.

They were married 2 years later, even though it was against doctor’s orders.

When living with CF you are at risk for developing lung infections. People with CF should not be around each other due to the risk of spreading deadly bacteria to one another. During the first few years of marriage, Dalton passed Burkholderia cepacia to Katie. They both became very ill and were placed on a lung transplant list.

Dalton received his new lungs first and Katie had to wait 8 months due to a battle with insurance. They had to spend that whole time apart so they would not spread any germs to one another.

Soon after they received their transplants, they both starting having health issues. Katie’s new lungs began to fail and she started to go into kidney failure. They both developed lymphoma. Dalton got pneumonia and was placed on a ventilator. Hospice was called in for Katie in Kentucky. So, not only were they both sick, but they were apart. Dalton was in St. Louis while Katie had to stay in Kentucky.

Their last wish was to see each other in person again.

Complete strangers raised money to help them see each other, but unfortunately it did not work out. Katie last spoke to her husband by video chat. She told him that she loved him right before he passed away.

She told reporters that she never regrets the day she kissed him at Dairy Queen. True love is when you can passionately love someone no matter what. They knew they were putting both of the lives at risk, but their love was stronger. I truly feel that love conquers all!

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