The Best 10 Resources Ever About Traveling with CRPS

Do you live with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)?

Are you looking for inspiration from someone with experiences like yours?

Well… Katelyn (Katie) O’Leary, a 27-year old Indiana native living in Los Angeles and working in the entertainment industry, developed CRPS after a sports injury in college.

However, she doesn’t let her condition stop her from traveling and setting personal goals.

Katie shares her anxieties with trying to live a life with a semblance of “normalcy” in her urban world:

“Sometimes I’m afraid to walk outside my apartment door, fearing my leg will cause me to stumble.”

But, Katie gives us a lesson in dashing after our desires even when our conditions make it seem like a far distant reality.

Her detailed thoughts tell us how to travel with CRPS.

But, it all makes me wonder.

How do insiders advise people to tackle the stumbling blocks of traveling with a condition, disorder, or disease?

Here are the top 10 resources to keep in mind:

Having pain doesn’t mean we’re forced to give up vacations and weekend getaways.

Katie’s international adventure sparked a desire to make other changes in her life:

“There are many things I want to return to, such as being able to drive more than ten miles, my job and running.”

From a reluctant homebody to a globe-trotter to a driven personal change agent, Katie serves an inspiration of possibilities and potential.

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