Is This the Answer for Niemann-Pick Type C?

Researchers at a Japanese university are working to improve a drug that could treat a rare neurodegenerative disease called Niemann-Pick type C (NPC).

The researchers observed a drug that has a great possibility of reducing cholesterol in cells that were affected by NPC. This drug could possibly be beneficial since it can aid in decreasing the buildup of cholesterol in those with NPC. This buildup of cholesterol in the lysosomes can cause fatal symptoms. It can enlarge both the liver and spleen.

cholesterol structure Niemann-Pick
This is the molecular structure of cholesterol. [Source: -public domain]

With this potential treatment, the researchers can reduce the toxicity of the treatment while it is being delivering through the chain of life. This treatment may be helpful in lessening its harmful interaction through the chain of life until the treatment reaches its destination. This is a remarkable discovery. It can bring hope to those affected by NPC disease.

Click here for more information on the molecular structure.

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