How to Lift Spirits with an IBD Event

When we do good, it feels good. Just like the efforts of the Kohn family and their event to raise awareness for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and to appeal for funds for the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Centre at the Hospital for Sick Children.

We all know that helping people is great—it makes the lives of the ones we help a little bit better. But something we don’t consider often is how it can make us feel. Volunteering our time can have a positive impact on our health and happiness.

It’s something that doesn’t get the credit it deserves but is, without a doubt, something worth talking about.

Ripple Effect

It seems obvious, but sometimes the smallest wave is the one that gets us to shore—the simple stuff that we sometimes overlook.

First of all, seeing a smile on a stranger’s face is something that really does make us feel warm inside—the “feel good” factor is a part of helping others that should be embraced. Whatever we do, whether tiny or absolutely life changing, it’s important to remember what we did and hold onto that feeling, drive, and passion for others. It’s some seriously life-enriching stuff.

We should all try it—at least once.

Unexpected Reciprocity

However we choose to get involved, taking the first steps towards making a positive change is big stuff, and we should maybe consider our own outlook on the subject. How much we want to get involved will affect our decision on how we move forward. We all have different levels of desire and confidence, and that’s perfectly acceptable.

So whether we buy a coffee for someone, spend some time with people who need it, or jump in and volunteer for a local project, we can all make a difference to the people we cross paths with. And that is something to really be excited about.

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