How a NASH Workshop Can Offer Insight

If you have the desire to learn about Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH), you may want to attend the International Workshop on NASH Biomarkers in Washington, DC on May 5th to May 6th of this year.

The first International Workshop on NASH Biomarkers was very successful. Over 120 people attended the workshop and The Steering Committee and the organizing secretariat published an amazing press release to thank the speakers, chairs and all participants for their contribution to this meeting.

In particular, they thanked their workshop sponsors. Without their financial contribution, the workshop would not have been possible.

This abstract-driven workshop will provide a much-needed forum for presentation and in-depth discussion of the latest research results on biomarkers. The nature of the program will be interactive, stimulating international and cross-disciplinary interchange, in-depth discussion and debate.

What is NASH?

As many as 25 million adults in the United States suffer from some form of NASH, and most don’t know it.

It’s underdiagnosed.

Primary care providers are largely unaware of the disease, and confirming it requires an invasive biopsy. (Talk about your double whammy.)

There is some research that suggests it is more prevalent than diabetes. But no symptoms typically appear until patients are on the edge of liver failure, fighting for their lives.

Speak Up

There are not any cures for chronic disease like NASH. But there is hope. If we want to cure a chronic disease, we may need to consider reframing our healthy habits. But losing weight is not easy, as all too many people can attest.

Research has found that only a slim minority of people can actually sustain the kind of weight loss that would decrease NASH, unless they undergo bariatric surgery. But here’s where things get even messier—it might not be their fault. Some experts suggest that obesity is a chronic disease with a biological basis.

So, let your voice be heard! Attend the workshop in DC to learn more.

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