April is Sjogren’s Awareness Month!

The Sjogren’s Syndrome Foundation wants to spread awareness on this condition.

The Foundation, alongside its members and volunteers, wants to use its platform to educate people about the Sjogren’s syndrome. It is specifically important for the foundation’s volunteers and members to teach patients and their families. The foundation’s president Steven Taylor stated that approximately one percent of the population in the United States has the disorder. In addition, it is the most prevalent of the autoimmune disorders.

Overall, its goal is to raise awareness of the condition amongst public health and health professionals. Awareness and education can aid in shortening the time it takes for a person with Sjogren’s syndrome to receive a correct diagnosis. Nowadays, it takes about three years and the foundation would like to decrease that time. Bringing awareness to Sjogren’s can encourage researchers to look into developing new treatments. Even better, awareness can aid in creating a cure.

In honor of Sjogren’s, the foundation will be posting facts about Sjogren’s, providing resources, then sharing personal stories throughout the month of April. They will share these on the foundation’s social media sites.

You can find them at the following: @SjogrensSymptomsFoundation, @SjogrensOrg, and Sjogren’s Syndrome Foundation.

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