Woman Living with Tourette’s Frustrated by Lack of Job Opportunities

Eryn Gaffney, now 20, was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome at the age of nine.

Tourette syndrome occurs as a result of the basal ganglia misfiring. This is the part of the brain that controls our body movements. For Eryn, the condition causes facial tics and verbal outbursts.

There is treatment to control the symptoms, but there is no cure for Tourette’s.

Eryn shares that her condition has gotten worse overtime. But she admits she has both good and bad days. She is grateful that she has a supportive partner and friends.

Life was not easy for Eryn as a child. She was bullied for having Tourette’s, and unfortunately, she was jumped a few times just because others did not understand her situation. The constant bullying led her to depression and anxiety. Furthermore, she became afraid of even going outside.

Today, Eryn’s main struggle is that she has not had any support or help in finding a job. She wants other people and employers to be aware that people with Tourette’s can work, rather than just relying on receiving government benefits.

She does not want her condition to be a factor as to why she cannot get a job.  Eryn is frustrated that there a lack of job opportunities for people with Tourette’s and believes that she is not only one.

Read more about her story here.

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