Beta Thalassemia In the News

Want some more news, events and announcements on Beta Thalassemia? We got ’em!




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Atherosclerwhat? Pay Attention to Your Arteries if You Have Thalassemia

Iron Supplements for Thalassemia? Likely NOT

Are You Feeling Burnt Out or CRISPR? Cooley’s Anemia Foundation (Thalassemia) Funds Breakthrough Research

Iron overload: No this isn’t about making steel. Inherited genetic disorders of the blood, like Thalassemia, read this!

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Are You #ThrivingWithThal? Check Out Yasmeen’s Story

Calling All Thalassemia Scholars and Students! Applications Due May 31st

Janelle is One Smart Cookie! Winner of Distinguished Scholar Award and Living with Thalassemia

Proud Jersey Girl is #ThrivingWithThal

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Desperate to see Hamilton? Milania Family Foundation Raffle to Support Thalassemia.  Enter Now!

Care Walk Goal Almost There! Support a Great Cause and Donate to Cooley’s Anemia Now!

What Do Slurpee’s and Thalassemia Have in Common? Head to Your Local Long Island 7-11 to Find Out!

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Super Heroes Come Together to Fight Thalassemia
UNICO Italian America Group Raises Funds for Cooley’s Anemia (Beta Thalassemia)


Cooley’s Anemia (Beta Thalassemia) Fundraiser Smashing Success

New York

Tribeca Star Living Life Without Boundaries in Thalassemia Documentary


La talasemia, una enfermedad en la sangre más frecuente de lo que se cree


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Jessica Gladwell

Jessica Gladwell

Jessica Gladwell is one of PW's consultants and patient editors. She has lived with late-stage, chronic Lyme and POTS since circa 2002. She has also served as a caregiver to close family members with late-stage, chronic Lyme. Before diagnosis, she served as a business consultant for a large corporation and PM for a small digital branding agency. Now, she is proactive in the rare and neurological disease community, spreading awareness and advising on matters of health and lifestyle when living with a chronic illness.

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