What You’re Looking for to Fight SMA Isn’t Out There; It’s in Here

Passion. Passion doesn’t persist. It is there, and then it is gone. Standing on the diving board is pre-passion. Falling toward the water is post-passion. It’s the jump that’s ripe with passion. We can jump over and over again to recreate the vigor that comes from living a passionate life.

And crazy enough… I happened to find a connection between spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) and an appetite for change—change for the spinal muscular atrophy community that all started with one little baby boy named Miller.

Read more on Miller and his life as it sparks his parents to jump into action and create the Miller McNeil Woodruff Foundation—a foundation that raised research funds to find a treatment for SMA.

Have you ever wondered: What is passion?

It’s powerful emotion. Emotion doesn’t come from out there. It comes from in here.

Right here. Source: www.giphy.com

How do you create something in here? Not by looking out there. By growing, learning, building, exploring, and developing skills.

Stuff out there gives you something to work with, but your passion is inside you.

Looking to “find” your passion sounds way too passive and based in hope for me. I might have asked that question years ago, but no more. I create it. You hope for things when you don’t think you, alone, can make it happen. I expect to create my passions. I’m guessing that’s why baby Miller’s life with spinal muscular atrophy and the drive of his parents speaks to me—a no-excuses will to impart such dramatic and necessary change for a community.

Go Team Miller! xoxo

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