Lion Roaring to Find Hunter Syndrome Funding

Lion Roaring to Find Hunter Syndrome Funding

Everyone knows lions are the kings of the jungle/mountain/movie studio. They’re brave and ferocious! “Lion” not only describes the personality of one fun little boy living with Hunter syndrome (MPS II), it rhymes with his name, Ryan.

His parents created Ryan Our Lion, a website and non-profit organization dedicated to generating funding Hunter syndrome initiatives–and especially funding for clinical trials.

According to KETV, five-year-old Ryan Austin receives weekly treatments that help reduce the symptoms of Hunter Syndrome. Ryan’s parents are looking for a long-term cure. Given it’s rarity, they feel like it is up to family and friends to get funding for research toward this goal.

Mucopolysaccharide disease type 2 (the long, complicated scientific name for Ryan’s condition) is extremely rare. There are only 2,000 reported cases of it around the world.

You can donate to Ryan Our Lion’s causes here. Additionally, you can donate to Project Alive here, dedicated to providing funding for a gene therapy trial that could be the cure to the children suffering from Hunter Syndrome.

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