Father and Son Share Their Tourette Syndrome Experience

According to SBS Australia, Duncan Whitcombe and his son Bailey are both living with a rare neurological condition: Tourette syndrome.

Duncan has had Tourette’s since he was 10. At that time, he did not know of anyone else with the condition. Growing up, he did not have anyone to relate to, and no one else directly understood what Tourette syndrome was. As a matter of fact, he did not meet another person with the disorder until he reached the age of 40.

Unlike his father, Bailey got to meet other kids at a camp in Australia who are living with Tourette’s every single day. He was able to make lifelong friends.

Duncan has a physical tic where he will keep shaking his head. On occasions, he will have a verbal tic. He remembers when he was in school, and teachers and bullies did not have an understanding of his condition. Thus, school was not fun for him.

When Duncan’s wife Trudy noticed that their son Bailey was showing some signs of Tourette syndrome the couple was in denial.

Duncan did not want his child to have the same negative experiences he did. Even today, he believes there needs to be more awareness of Tourette’s in general, but especially in the school system.

Luckily for Bailey, he has his father. And his father understands exactly what he is going through. Bailey admits that he is comfortable talking to his father because they understand one another so well. And although Bailey’s tics are mild, they both have to deal with Tourette’s on a daily basis.

The two have a fun family motto, which is: “The family that tics together, sticks together.”

Click here to read more about the duo.

How does your family stick together while facing a rare disease? Share your experience with us!

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